The 8th VIE ceremony


The ceremony was attended by the French foreign trade advisers , representatives of the France-Russia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French business community, as well as VIE program participants. Since the creation of VIE in 2001, more than 80,000 young people have visited many countries around the world. Since 2001 nearly 800 VIEs have come to Russia to bring their energy to French companies located there. Some of them became entrepreneurs and now employ VIE participants. It is estimated that seven out of ten young people then receive a job offer in the company where they were volunteers. For VIE participants it is an opportunity to expand their personal and professional skills. For business units, the program creates a pool of employees, helping to bring out a new generation of entrepreneurs and exporters. The presentation of the VIE Grand Prix is an important moment in the life of the Russian business community. This award gives a spotlight on the activity of VIE participants and highlightes their efforts and enthusiasm. The jury consisted of David Lasfargue, Helene Buriev, Richard Serret, Gilles Chenesseau, Georges Polinski et Elisabeth Gorodkov-Goutierre They auditioned 9 candidates and awarded 5 prizes: 
• The first prize is awarded to Sacha ROUILLER from FM Logistic 
• The second prize goes to Vladislav SHAPOVALOV from the startup No-CRM 
• The third prize will be awarded to Cécile LETHROSNE from SERVIER 
• The Special Mention Jury Prize distinguishes Kathleen MARTIN at LVMH 
• The fourth prize is tied with Julien BAUER (Savencia), Mariette LAPRAS (Salveo), Alexandre REGAZZI (PSA Bank), Antoine REYEN (SAFT), Joséphine  (Servier).



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