Post-COVID19 labor market in Russia

The coronavirus and its consequences have an incredible impact on the labor market in Russia. According to the newspaper «Krasnaya Vesna», the number of unemployed has increased by more than 1 million in just two months of quarantine. In Moscow 32% of residents temporarily stopped working, and 12% of the city population remained completely unemployed (Vedomosti newspaper, article dated April 14, 2020). 

With the introduction of the self-isolation regime, all employment centers also stopped working – at least in their usual regime. Now, to join the labor exchange, it is enough to submit an online application – through the Gosuslugi website or through the personal account of the employment center "Moya Rabota". The center notes that if before the pandemic they had about 500 people turned to them a day, then in April this number increased to 8,000 applications daily. On the website, Muscovites have access not only to a database of vacancies, but also to retraining courses, which can be taken free of charge. 

"Moya Rabota" is a project of the Moscow authorities aimed at supporting unemployed citizens. It is directly connected with the specialized employment center “Moya Kar’era”, which provides the population with various employment services. You can get acquainted with them at http://mycareer.moscow/#/services/applicant Among the partners of the project there are many well-known companies and large retail chains, banks and government agencies. 

If there are no suitable vacancies for the applicant, they will be registered as unemployed and start receiving benefits. The amount of unemployment benefits is currently 12,190 rubles, in Moscow there is also a regional supplement of 7,370 rubles. For the simplification of receiving unemployment benefits the government has introduced a new scheme – now the term has been reduced to two days. 

Many foreign companies also suffered the consequences of the pandemic, as they had to take various measures: temporarily suspend staff recruitment, optimize personnel, etc. Among caring employers outplacement services have become especially in demand – after all, many companies have no choice but cut their staff. We take part in caring of the future of former employees – we conduct tests and provide consultations to candidates, help them with the preparation and design of CV and select possible vacancies in accordance with their interests, orienting them to the sometimes wayward labor market.
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