• To whom does it apply?

    It can be considered for:

    • candidates at the end of recruitment once the company has selected them according to «technical skills» that are highly specific to their field of activities;
    • new recruits : at the end of the trial period, with a view to career advancement or guidance or to develop additional training programs.
  • How does it take place?

    This assessment is individual and consists of tests and an interview. It lasts approximately half a day. This assessment, which we have been using for more than 30 years, is a proven track-record; it results in answers which are pertinent, clear and precisely adapted to the company’s expectations of future employees.

  • What does it allow to define?

    In fact, this assessment allows a complete appreciation of candidates, as well as a full understanding of their working capabilities:

    • Potential and skills: how the candidate will apply his skills in the working environment, his/her capacities to acquire new ones.
    • Communication methods: the way the candidate will communicate with his colleagues, his/her subordinates or his/her hierarchy as well as with the environment outside the company...
    • Potential of commitment, sense of service, professional aspirations, and qualities of reliability regarding the confidentiality of certain job aspects...
    • Personality, in terms of being well balanced, stable and dependable. Understanding how personality has developed and in which direction it will be evolving...
    • Ways and means used to realize professional objectives and to manage his/her career, combativeness...
    • Achieved balance between professional and non-professional life, etc
  • Our conclusions

    • Are to a large extent the result of the interaction of all of these elements;
    • Are formulated very concretely and concisely in the form of a prognosis which clearly states the chances for success in relation to the available position;
    • They enable to define and effectively control not only the strong points and the qualities to be improved of a candidate joining the company, but also enable to devise a long-term projection of his/her career path in a structure with specific needs and objectives;
    • Can also be communicated to the concerned candidate during a later interview upon request.