Executive Search

  • Definition of functions

    It follows two steps:

    • with the concerned decision-makers: Human Resources manager, department head, direct line manager;
    • during direct secondment of one of our consultants to the job concerned.
    All the information collected and experienced in the field leads to a dynamic, highly pragmatic and fine grasp of the position and its requirements.
  • Search of candidates via direct approach

    Whatever professional field of the position, thanks to expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Russian market, our research assistants are able to provide our clients with a short-list of relevant candidates.
  • Rigorous and tested assessment methods

    All accounts are systematically handled by two consultants and a research assistant and involve the following steps:

    • identifying candidates;
    • holding telephone interview;
    • holding in-depth interview with a consultant;
    • providing assessment;
    • producing a synthesis of results;
    • advising and assisting the company in choosing and integrating candidates.
  • Information and confidentiality

    We ensure that:

    • The name of your company is only disclosed during the interview at our office;
    • You are provided with relevant collected information, allowing you to position yourself on the market of human resource.