• Objectives of Outplacement

    To assist the company and/or candidates by offering them tools that will enable them to build a professional project within the framework of:

    • redundancy;
    • reduction of personal (staff cutbacks)
    • transfer
  • Who is our outplacing service for?

    Our outplacement approach is practically the same for all professional categories. However, the methods and tools used at each step in the process are adapted to the population concerned (top management, senior management, middle management, technicians, etc.)

  • Our approach

    We use a qualitative approach based on each person and the job market.

    It consists of five steps:

    • Inventory and professional assessment
    • Construction of a professional project
    • Training in job search techniques and career transition campaign planl
    • Job search
    • Induction
  • The strong points of our outplacement service

    For the candidate

    • It considerably shortens the length of time candidates remain on the job market and directs them towards realistic, appropriate objectives with respect to the job market, job level and salary and sector of activity
    • It therefore accelerates their return to employment and strengthens long-term stability. It gives them the possibility of developing in-depth personal reflection on their position within their profession
    • It provides an efficient short-term and future career management methodology and tools.

    For the company :

    Offering employees assistance in finding a new job means:

    • Keeping up the "morale of the troops";
    • Facilitating mobility of personnel
    • Not overdramatising potentially conflictual situations in a difficult social and economic context
    • Showing a human, caring dimension
    • Enhancing the corporate image