Search & Selection

  • Definition of functions

    It comprises two steps

    • with the concerned decision-makers: HRM, in charge of sector, direct line manager;
    • during direct secondment of one of our consultants to the job concerned.
    All the information collected and experienced in the field leads to a dynamic, highly pragmatic fine grasp of the position available.
  • Search of candidates via websites and advertising

    Depending on the professional field and thanks to our expertise, our consultants will be able to give you relevant advice about the best support to publish vacancies: professional newspapers, websites, association of alumni...
  • Rigorous and tested assessment methods

    All accounts are systematically handled by two consultants and a research assistant and involve the following steps:

    • identifying candidates;
    • holding telephone interview;
    • holding in-depth interview with a consultant;
    • providing assessment (see insert below);
    • producing a synthesis of results;
    • recommending and assisting the company in choosing and integrating candidates.
  • Efficient and rapid intervention

    Processing candidates in "real time":

    • prevents good candidates from being lost;
    • allows for vacancies to be filled quicker.