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    Technical Assistance Manager

    Well-known European company that is the licensor and the manufacturer of catalysts and adsorbents 20 Décembre 2017, Moscow

    Key responsibilities:

    • Start-up of Company new process units, inspection of the new units selected by the customer, reactors where our catalysts are to be loaded, for loading (sock or dense) of the catalysts, for starting-up the relevant units, and for ensuring the regeneration of the catalysts;
    • Regularly visits various sites where our processes and catalysts are working, in particular, Claus units, hydrogenation and drying units;
    • Provides with the help of the team technical follow-up for all our references in the CIS;
    • Checks that its team collects all the operation data from those units and plots the curves reflecting the main performances of these catalysts; the above data are used in simulation of functioning of each catalyst load and in assaying the performance basing on the correlations;
    • Finds prospects for Company product portfolio comprising as main fields: Hydrogenation Catalysts, Adsorbents, Guard-Beds and Claus Catalysts, Petrochemicals;
    • Prepares proposals with Company technical specialists;
    • Organizes technical presentations of the products to the clients by himself or involving technical teams depending upon context;
    • Ensures proper communications between the local representatives, the clients and Company;
    • Transmits to management all the relevant information concerning the clients, potential clients and their facilities;
    • Prepares survey the feedback from the clients on the advantages and drawbacks of operation of the products for the purpose of their distribution among other clients;
    • Makes sure that clients are satisfied with the performance of the delivered products and services and propose action plans in case of difficulties;
    • Collects and reports information about the competitors and general market tendencies;

    Required skills and qualifications:

    • Higher education (preferably a chemical engineer, product/process engineer)
    • Proficiency in English;
    • Knowledge of catalytic refining processes;
    • Experience in refineries welcome;
    • Readiness to travel;

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